10 Colorado’s Best-Selling Pre-Rolls

Nearly as long as people have smoked marijuana, the joint has existed. A cannabis pre-roll is a simple idea. All joints essentially looked the same for the majority of the time. Although some adept rollers might produce superior joints, they were always simply marijuana trim or flower wrapped in rolling paper.

All of that was altered when marijuana became legal. When joints were widely available, innovation in joint-making soared. Hundreds of businesses produce distinctive pre-rolled joints today for the cannabis consumer market.

Here is a list of the top-selling pre-rolls in Colorado, where we call home.

1. One Eleven Rosin Stick

Made from hand-trimmed flowers, double-pressed rosin, and slowly-sifted kief, The Rosin Stick is a single-source product. To preserve their freshness and shield them from the air, they are contained in a glass tube. This is no weak joint, since it has both live rosin and kief. Snug up!

2. Willie’s Reserve Double Barrel Pre-Roll

The Willie’s Reserve product line honors this culture of giving and caring by providing distinctive cannabis blends. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Willie is one of the most ardent and devoted supporters of the campaign as marijuana legalization grows across the nation.

Pre-rolls from Willie’s Double Barrel are excellent for traveling. They are a need for anyone who prefers to smoke with fire, paper, and flowers.

3. TFC Hybrid Bubble-Infused Joint

The newest pre-roll on the market is the TFC Hybrid Bubble-Infused Joint. It takes joint pre-rolling to the highest level, offering two distinct experiences at one time. This unique pre-roll combines premium flower with a bubblegum terpene blend, creating an aroma and flavor experience that will make your taste buds tingle with delight. Plus, it’s easy to light and has long-lasting effects, making it a favorite among pre-roll connoisseurs. So if you’re looking for an affordable and enjoyable pre-roll that takes after-work relaxation to another level, the TFC Hybrid Bubble-Infused Joint might be just what you need!

10 Colorado's Best-Selling Pre-Rolls

4. TFC Sativa Bubble-Infused Joint

Five parts of flower and one component of bubble hash are combined to create the Flower Collective Bubble-Infused joints. They will immediately please even the pickiest smokers and amuse a crowd at.7 grams in weight.

TheFlowerCollective’s (TFC) hash and flower both have comparable viscosities or thicknesses of texture. The result is a slow burn and a reliable hit since they pay special attention to the viscosity and manual inspection of each piece they create. Terpenes from TFC’s famous Bubble Hash are also abundant, giving these opulent joints their distinct flavors and fragrances.

5. Classic Toast Pre-Roll (1g)

Whatever way you look at it, Toast has some great pre-rolls. These traditional cones, which are made entirely of hemp-based wraps, are loaded with your choice of indica, sativa, or hybrid cannabis.

6. Kaviar Hybrid Infused Pre-Roll 

Kaviar Hybrid Infused pre-rolls are here to provide an elevated cannabis experience. These pre-rolls combine premium flower with natural terpenes and the highest-quality concentrates to create a unique flavor and increased potency. They offer the convenience of pre-rolled joints, while providing more flavor and enjoyment than traditional joint varieties. Their advanced infusion system ensures that you get the most out of your pre-roll – every time. Kaviar Hybrid Infused pre-rolls bring maximum flavor, quality and effects for the best possible smoking experience.

7. Kaviar Indica Infused Pre-Roll

Enjoy the luxury of easy pre-rolls with Kaviar Indica Infused Pre-Rolls! Unlike other pre-roll brands, Kaviar stands out from the crowd with its high quality, natural cannabis that’s infused with proprietary terpenes for an enhanced experience. Whether you’re looking for an easy pre-roll for a night out or need something to kick back and relax with, Kaviar has your needs covered. With a selection of exciting flavors like sour diesel, pre-rolls have never been so delicious! So give Kaviar a try today and let the pre-rolled goodness put you in holiday spirits wherever you go!

8. Kaviar Sativa Infused Pre-Roll

Give yourself a luxurious pre-rolled joint from Kaviar if you want to experience a potent, distinctive high. Premium buds are used to create Kaviar’s pre-rolls, which are then wrapped in raw paper, coated with kief, and finished with an etched glass smoking tip. Sativa, Indica, and hybrid versions of the cones are all readily available. A stronger, more immediate cerebral effect is delivered by the trifecta of cannabis constituents, while the very delightful flavor lingers. They are a great option for sharing with friends because they burn slowly and are created from hash oil.


9. Classic Toast Pre-Roll (.05 g)

smaller than the 1g Toast Classic Pre-Roll. These tiny “dog-walkers” are ideal for your solitary explorations. These little joints are wrapped in paper made entirely of hemp, just like the bigger ones.

10. Nectarbee Slim Pre-Roll

It appears that solo smoking may be “hot” in Colorado right now, as two kinds of smaller pre-rolls top the list. Nectarbee’s Slim Pre-Roll is a.5g joint as well, but contrary to what the name might imply, they chose to make it slimmer and longer rather than shorter and stubby.

Final Thoughts

While some enriched pre-roll inventions made it into the top 10, the majority of the best-selling products are still just plain old cannabis and paper, demonstrating that wonderful things frequently come in straightforward, tried-and-true forms. Numerous pre-roll types are available at Helping Hands Dispensary in Boulder.CO. Visit us to see what appeals to you!