5 Best Edibles You Can Buy in Boulder

Currently, the US cannabis market is flooded with pre-made edibles, including peanut butter cups, lozenges, and even drinks. Even healthier options, such as low-calorie drinks and pills, are available to consumers. Colorado is setting the standard for marijuana treats. We’re ready to wager that you’ll never run out of Boulder marijuana edibles to try.


Since cocoa masks have the “green” flavor that some other edibles have, chocolates are a popular choice among edibles. And both high and low-dose cannabis chocolates are widely accessible. A chocolate dessert is the epitome of understatement. Consider purchasing a 100g block of breakable peanut butter chocolate. Or, for more accurate dosing, purchase some bite-sized dark milk chocolate gems.

Other delectable chocolate treats are the energizing Sativa-heavy Go Energy Dark Chocolate Gems or the crunchy, CBD-rich Dutch Girl Chocolate Stroopwafel.



Gummies are aesthetically pleasing, intriguing, and enjoyable to eat. They are available in every fruity flavor you can imagine. They come in a wide variety of both low and high-dose alternatives, and you’ll start to feel their benefits anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours after intake. For practically every adult who is curious about cannabis, gummies make consuming marijuana straightforward.

Blackberry Lemonade Gummies from Altus are perfect for a pure THC high. Alternatively, consider low-THC Wana’s 10:1 Sour Strawberry Gummies if you want to benefit from CBD’s therapeutic properties.


Drinks operate more quickly than other edibles, so you can anticipate experiencing their effects 30 minutes after ingesting them. They are therefore a fantastic option if you want to consume cannabis quickly without having to roll a joint or pack a bong. Since a few years ago, there have been additional low-dose drink options available on the market, which were previously only available to high-tolerance users.

What about a 10mg hybrid THC dose together with the entire traditional American flavor of a root beer? You’re covered by the Keef Bubba Kush Root Beer.

Tablets & Capsules

Cannabis tablets are most common among medical marijuana users and come in a variety of formulations, ratios, and additional therapeutic components. Users who have particular allergies, or diabetes, or who are just trying to avoid the carbohydrates and fats present in the majority of edibles will find these to be extremely helpful.

CBD and dominant Indica strains 1906 Chill Drops contain two additional botanicals that are well known for calming anxiety and a hyperactive mind. Or, for a completely different experience, try 1906’s Love Drops for Arousal, which also contains an equal mixture of THC and CBD.


Chews, as opposed to other foods, are made to be chewed thoroughly. This indicates that the glands located behind your tongue can be used to absorb cannabis. You will experience the benefits much more quickly because they don’t need to pass through the liver to enter the bloodstream when taken sublingually.


Try Cheeba Chews’ super-sweet Hybrid Sour Apple Taffy. Or, for a treat that will put you to sleep at night, try their chocolate-flavored Sleepy Time chews, which also contain melatonin, CBN, and THC.

Use Caution When Handling Edibles

Remember that edibles typically take longer to take effect than other types of administration; as a result, you should wait at least two to four hours before taking another dose.

We’ve only given you a small sample of the cannabis edibles that Helping Hands Dispensary has to offer. To place an order for pickup or to view our whole inventory, visit the greatest edibles dispensary in Boulder by visiting our online store.