7 Best Ways to Keep Your Cannabis at Home

There are storage guidelines included with cannabis products so you can maximize their effectiveness and delay their premature expiration. Although the quality of pure cannabis flower can be harmed by light, air, and moisture, it technically has no expiration date. If not properly stored and preserved, Boulder’s dry atmosphere can rapidly turn your marijuana into the swag.

Things to Do When Learning How to Store Cannabis

Here are our suggestions for how to keep marijuana so that it will always be available for smoking when you are.

1. Never Bring Buds Close to Plastic

Trichomes, the hairs between the buds of quality cannabis, can be destroyed by the static charge from plastic containers. Your flower may also be crushed, have its flavor altered, and have scents leached.

2. Use Parchment Paper As Protection

If plastic storage containers are your only option, you can reduce the harm by first carefully wrapping your cannabis in paper or a napkin. Cannabis concentrates are frequently stored on parchment paper. You’ll also have a ready-made surface area to use when handling your flower later on if you keep it in there.

3. Store Marijuana In Airtight Glass

When something is kept in a glass container, nothing can enter or leave unless you reopen the container. Glass is also odorless, so unlike metal containers, it won’t alter the flavor of your cannabis. Mason jars are a popular option since they look good and are widely available.

4. Make Certain That Your Glass Jar Is the Proper Size

Consider how much cannabis you’ll put in the jar while selecting it. There will be a lot of oxygen trapped with your cannabis if you use a huge jar for only a few buds. Try to balance the quantity and size. As an alternative, you can use canning supplies to vacuum seal jars.

5. Keep Your Cannabis in a Cool, Dark Environment

Nothing breaks down cannabis more quickly than light. You must store your cannabis in a cabinet or drawer out of direct sunlight unless you have a transparent glass jar with an anti-UV coating. Attempt to maintain your jar’s temperature at or below 70° F.

Store it away from appliances that produce heat, such as electronics. Your jar may “sweat” if it becomes too warm, which increases the chance of mold growing on your blooms.

6. Be Aware of the Humidity

You should keep an eye on this if you reside in Denver. Too much moisture might cause mildew and other mold pollutants to grow on your flower. However, if it becomes overly dry, the trichomes risk breaking. Try to keep your cannabis between 59% and 63% relative humidity (RH). Boveda packs can be useful here.

7. Store Various Strains Separately

Put each strain in its container if you have more than one. Each strain has its cannabinoid profile and terpene-derived tastes. Smoking apparatus shouldn’t be kept in the same container as fresh flowers since the ash and resin from burned cannabis can alter the aroma.

How Long Would Your Marijuana Stay Potent?

Cannabis may keep its potency and flavor for anywhere between six months and a year when stored properly. The greatest dispensary in Colorado is Helping Hands Dispensary, where you can find the best cannabis deals in Boulder.