How to Spot Top-Shelf Weed: 5 Key Signs

High-quality and low-grade marijuana are completely different. Cannabis is best produced from genetically sound strains and is then expertly picked and trimmed. However, there is no precise science for locating it, and even experts may struggle to distinguish the distinctions.

By sniffing the bud, examining its form and look, and touching it between your fingertips, you can discover hints. Here are our suggestions for distinguishing high-quality cannabis flower from inferior “shwag.”

Its Smell Is Unmistakable

The terpene profile of each strain will affect the fragrances of premium cannabis. Top-shelf marijuana, however, usually has a strong, sweet, and floral scent while still smelling fresh.

A good cannabis flower should have a recognizable scent that identifies it as being marijuana. Additionally, even if you’re attempting to be discreet, it will be challenging to conceal the potent aroma of premium, or “dank,” marijuana in your pocket.

There Are Many Trichomes in It

Trichomes are the little, sparkling, crystal-like hairs that cover a healthy bud’s surface. They contain the chemical mixtures that give cannabis its potent effects, smells, and flavor. They resemble lovely white mushrooms under a microscope.

The presence of a lot of trichomes does not ensure that the nug will have the desired effects. However, premium cannabis will always have a noticeable, substantial, and frosty trichome coating.

‌Its Colors Draw Your Attention

The hues of a cannabis blossom can reveal a lot about its meaning. When grown properly, all strains should be a brilliant, healthy green color. But you won’t be able to avoid the rainbow of colors found in premium buds.

The most desirable cannabis is typically dark green with hairs that can be vivid orange, crimson, deep purple, or blue. Even the buds themselves could have a blue or purple hue.

It Has a Sticky, Spongy Feel 

Due to the presence of trichomes, top-shelf marijuana should have a slightly sticky yet dry feel to the touch. The bud should feel slightly spongy but not squishy between your fingertips when you gently squeeze it.

Your flower is more likely to have mold or mildew if it is damp or mushy. The stems and buds should be simple to separate. On the other hand, fully dry, crumbly, or hard cannabis might indicate a bad flavor.

‌flower Should Be Dense Yet Fluffy

Top-shelf cannabis typically features hefty, chunky buds that are fluffy but dense. Additionally, each nug needs to be expertly trimmed to avoid losing any trichomes and to correctly form and display the original bud shape.

Unfortunately, to speed up product turnaround, more and more businesses are utilizing trimming machines. However, handling a cannabis flower is necessary. A premium bud will have the least amount of fan leaves and the most quantity of undamaged chunky floral content, trichomes, and hairs.

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Now that you are aware of all the telltale indicators of quality marijuana, you can distinguish it from middle- and bottom-shelf items. So why not put your newly acquired abilities to use?

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