You might believe that there’s nothing unique about a pre-rolled joint, but after spending some time at Helping Hands Cannabis Dispensary in Boulder, you will know that our pre-rolls are something very special.

Helping Hands Cannabis: The premier recreational dispensary in Boulder for pre-rolls

Pre-rolls are a fast and easy way to enjoy cannabis. Rolling joints can be fun, but in today’s busy world it can be hard to find the time to roll the perfect doobie. Thankfully, the advent of legal cannabis has brought with it the convenience of pre-rolled joints.

Now, with Helping Hands’ wide selection of high-quality flower strains, you can get the best pre-rolls in Boulder.

Two marijuana joints placed on white background

A large pre-roll inventory

Come to our shop for a fantastic selection of pre-rolls! If you want something high in CBD and low in THC, we have it. Or, if you prefer to feel the full effects of your cannabis with up to 20% THC content, then check out our improved OG Kush pre-roll.

We regularly have pre-rolled blunts in stock as well. The peak of pre-rolled blunt artwork, however, is the world-renowned Cannagar. A slow-burning and flavorful cigar made from tightly packed cannabis leaves wrapped around a skewer–a Cannagar blows all other competition out of the water.

Stop by our store and grab a pre-roll today!

No matter what your occasion is, Helping Hands Cannabis dispensary has a pre-roll for you! Whether you’re coming home from work or celebrating the day, we have something perfect for any situation. Stop by today and check out our selection!

1021 Pearl St.
Boulder, CO 80302
Open 10am – 8pm, daily

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