The Finest Cannabis Pre-Rolls in Boulder

As a result of their convenience, pre-rolled joints have risen in popularity as a means of consuming cannabis, and the city of Boulder is home to some of the top pre-roll-makers in the country. Listed below are some of Boulder’s finest product lines.

Pre-Rolled Joints

The days before marijuana legalization were when joints were just joints. Some were better than others at rolling a tight doob, but overall there wasn’t a lot of “innovation.” After pot was legalized, pre-rolls emerged, each company putting its spin on the time-honored joint format.

There is a pre-roll on the market right now for every taste, from ones loaded with hash oil to those produced with premium bud. Some of the most successful companies in the world have their headquarters in Colorado. Some of our favorites are listed here.

710 Labs

While many companies produce cannabis-related goods, only 710 Labs produces such a wide range of high-quality products. Even their pre-rolls are top-notch.

710’s gluten-free rotini noodle “filter” is the most distinguishing quality of their pre-rolls. You’ll get great ventilation, making smoking more pleasurable. 710 doesn’t use any of those abrasive grinders, cones, or machine fillers to shatter their bud; they do it all by hand. There is no shaking used, only organic flower. They also brag about having the perfect amount of marijuana on paper.


The slow-burning joints from Stratos THC are said to be four times more efficient than standard joints. Flower from various strains, including Wedding Cake, Bazookies 10, and OG Lime Killer, is used in the joints rather than trim. To ensure a consistent, enjoyable, and well-rounded high, Slow Burns uses oil extracted from the same flower strain as the flower or a strain with similar characteristics. Carbon dioxide is used in the cannabis oil extraction process to soften the hit compared to traditional solvents.


DADiRRi is a family business that has been around since 2010 and is forever in the cannabis market. All of their high-THC goods come from reputable producers in the area. To provide its customers with “the greatest cannabis experience conceivable,” they have implemented cutting-edge methods and testing.

DADiRRI sells standard indica, sativa, and hybrid pre-rolls, but their Caviar SunRock and Bubble Hash cones are where they shine.


Kaviar High-grade buds are doused in hash oil, coated in kief, wrapped in raw paper, and topped with a branded glass smoking tip to create Kaviar Cones. Kaviar Cone can be either sativa or indica or a hybrid of the two. Whatever the situation, there’s a Kaviar Cone to handle it. The trinity of cannabinoids creates a more potent and intellectual high while prolonging the enjoyment of the cannabis flavor.

Loco Love

Customers in Boulder, Colorado can choose from a variety of high-quality pre-rolls from Loco Love. Loco Love’s real beliefs, which are reflected in their products, are reflected in the company’s headquarters, which are located in the serene hills of Boulder, Colorado.

In comparison to other vendors, Loco Love’s flower stands out. You can count on a trichome- and terpene-rich experience with every one of their pre-rolls.

Closing Thoughts

Pre-rolls of excellent quality can be found by purchasing any number of different companies that call Boulder, Colorado home. Some of our favorite companies, like the ones we’ve highlighted below, are not included. There’s bound to be a pre-roll brand that suits your tastes.

The question then becomes, “Why wait?” Come on by the Helping Hands Boulder Dispensary and give some of these top-shelf labels a try. Don’t worry; it’s all worth it.