The Surge Of Autoflower Cannabis

The use of auto-flowering cannabis strains is a recent innovation in the cannabis industry. As these plants bloom regardless of the time of day or season, growers have more leeway in how they tend to their crops. Grown cannabis flower either indoors or out, auto-flowering strains present an exciting alternative to the more conventional photoperiod varieties. In this article, we’ll take a look at these fascinating breakthroughs in the cannabis industry.

Autoflowering Seeds

Cannabis seedlings grown from auto-flowering seeds appear identical to those grown from standard photoperiod seeds. In less than 20 hours of light each day, autoflowering plants can be grown from seed to harvest by indoor cultivators. The auto-flowering seed will allow for harvesting in as little as 10-11 weeks.

Midway through or even somewhat into the summer, outdoor autoflower plants may bear fruit. It is possible to grow two or three plants successfully inside in warm climates. This kind of marijuana produces short, light plants that yet produce abundant harvests. In recent years, autoflowering plants have become just as widespread as their female counterparts, and are often planted alongside female seeds.


Regular Seeds vs Autoflowering Seeds

Instead of relying on a certain light-to-dark cycle, as is necessary for photoperiod-dependent strains, autoflowering seeds are engineered to bloom at specific times regardless of the time of day. In comparison to conventional seeds, auto-seeds require less attention and maintenance.

The species is typically more drought- and pest-resistant. The plants can be grown with less room and less care, but the seeds are more expensive. Autoflowering cannabis plants mature faster and require less room than conventional plants.

Benefits and Drawbacks

When starting or needing a quick yield, autoflowering strains are the best option. Rapid flowering attracts growers who value efficiency over patience. Some growers are put off by the autoflow strains despite their many benefits.

They need no outside triggers to initiate the growth of resinous plants. Rather, they have a timing mechanism that allows them to bloom. Cannabis Ruderalis, a subspecies adapted to the cold and wet climates of Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Russia, was genetically modified to produce the autoflower gene.


Autoflowering Cannabis

Many autoflowering strains are ready for harvest in under 10 weeks from seed. Dwarf cultivars produce successfully despite their diminutive stature. Some of these “supercars,” as they are sometimes called, can take up to a hundred days to reach maturity and reach a height of more than six feet.

Day-neutral cannabis types, often known as autoflowerers, automatically transition between the vegetative and flowering stages as they age.

Why Or Why Not Should I Grow Autoflowers?

Typically, inexperienced growers are the target market for autoflowering cannabis seeds. The seedlings that have sprouted need minimal assistance. Despite the name, auto flower seed is a popular choice among both novice and seasoned growers for its ease of use. There’s everything from subtle strains that won’t put you to sleep to powerful ones that will.

The choice of seed to plant will ultimately come down to individual taste. But we’ve mentioned that one of those 10 strains should be just right for you. What the rest of the world thinks of us.

A Few Pointers

Some cultivators choose auto seeds due to their rapid development and low maintenance requirements.

  • Choose a high-quality auto-flowering seed from a seed bank that specializes in autoflowers.
  • Grow your plants in containers that allow air to circulate or in bright, airy media.
  • If you want to cultivate your plants successfully, try using air tanks or felt-grow bags and watering them frequently.
  • Make use of low-stress training by connecting branches together to let in more light.

Final Thoughts

The autoflowering variety of cannabis seeds is ideal for those who are short on time because it may be harvested in less than 20 hours of light every day. Grow your weed in about 10 weeks with the help of auto-flowering strains. The low amount of care required, along with the plant’s resistance to pests and drought, makes this an attractive option.

If you’re interested in learning more about growing auto-flowering cannabis seeds, contact a qualified budtender at Helping Hands Boulder Dispensary.