Your Brief Guide To Colorado Cannabis Delivery

People are becoming more aware of the benefits of cannabis flower consumption as it becomes mainstream. Not only is cannabis flower a great way to find natural relief from various ailments, but it also comes in creative forms such as smokable flowers, oils, creams and tinctures.

Each year, the news is rife with details about which states have recently legalized cannabis as well as practical advice for getting access to marijuana in these new jurisdictions. In all the commotion, it can be simple to miss local Colorado cannabis advancements.

Colorado has recently made some significant advancements, so it’s a tragedy. Cannabis is lawful in Colorado for both medical and recreational use, and under some conditions, cannabis delivery is also permitted.

For users of all types, this advancement is fantastic. It’s convenient to get cannabis delivered to your door. Medical users are not required to make the arduous trip outside of their houses. If they run out, recreational users can escape the need for a designated driver. Everyone benefits and a recent Colorado law is making this program more widely available.

New Cannabis Delivery Law in Colorado

With the passage of House Bill 1234 on May 29th, 2019, Colorado legalized the transportation of cannabis in certain situations (HB 1234). But why is cannabis delivery only now, a year later, becoming a thing? HB 1234 specified that only medical cannabis might be given in 2020, and only in specific places.

Fortunately for the people of Colorado, those test locations were a big success. Delivery of recreational marijuana began in January 2021. After a lengthy application process, marijuana delivery permits are now being issued to cannabis businesses across the state.

Whether you can obtain that sweet delivery is the real question. The issue is that HB 1234 specifies that the distribution of marijuana is an opt-in service. To seek a license, marijuana dispensaries in Colorado must wait for their local government to decide to permit delivery. While other cities like Denver are taking longer to catch on, Boulder, Longmont, Aurora, and Superior have all chosen to participate in both medical and recreational deliveries.

If you live in one of those four cities, ordering cannabis for medical or recreational use online is as easy as shopping online as you normally would. Both medical and recreational users must submit their medical card number and proof of age 21. Other than that, it’s as easy as making an Amazon purchase.

You’re not as fortunate in other cities. You’ll still need to visit the dispensary to pick up your cannabis. Businesses across the state continue to provide curbside pickup and online ordering while lobbying for their communities to accept deliveries. Although it’s not nearly as convenient as delivery, it’s still the best option while people are still speaking out and persuading local officials to abide by the new rule.

Utilize Colorado Cannabis Right Now

Delivery of marijuana is not yet available everywhere in Colorado, but it is growing steadily. You can still get cannabis online and pick it up if delivery isn’t yet an option in your area. Even better, get a friend to drop by and get it for you.

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