A Comprehensive List of Items to Include in Your Stash Bag

Every cannabis aficionado needs a stash bag as a basic component. Keep all of your cannabis accessories and paraphernalia in one location so you can quickly get to them when needed. But what distinguishes a stash bag for cannabis from other kinds of stash bags? We’ll go over what you need to have the ideal stash bag in this blog post.

The Bag

There isn’t a stash bag design that works for everyone. It depends on what suits your needs, way of life, and cannabis usage habits the best. It won’t be very beneficial if you get a bag that can accommodate all of the smoking-related equipment imaginable but that you don’t want to carry around with you.

Therefore, there are several factors to weigh. What marijuana-related accessories do you intend to bring? What size storage bag are you willing to carry, too? Finding the ideal stash bag for your needs will be facilitated by the answers to the above questions.

Many people use bags that are specifically designed to accommodate weed and cannabis accessories. A lot of these bags are also odor-proof. Although they can be nice, odor-proof bags are not required. You can find a smaller, odor-proof container that fits within your luggage to transport your pungent items.

You have a choice, but keep in mind that your stash bag’s effectiveness depends on the size and type of the bag you select. And it will undoubtedly have an impact on how many of the following accessories you can carry.

Smoking Equipment

Of course, which of them you choose to include will mainly depend on your preferred methods of consumption. If you’re the type of marijuana user that likes to be ready for anything, then perhaps your stash bag is a rolling suitcase and you only need one of everything.


The pipe has long been the preferred method of transporting marijuana. A pipe is useful to have on hand in case your smoking apparatus fails or you urgently need to smoke some cannabis, even if you prefer to smoke joints or out of a bong.

Metal pipes are the most suitable for a cache bag. While sturdy, they are also compact enough to fit in your bag without taking up much space. Many even have covers, allowing you to put a nug inside and be prepared to whack it at any time.

Rolling Papers

The common joint, sometimes known as a marijuana cigarette, is another smoking choice. Unless you’re prepared with pre-rolls, you’ll need to have rolling sheets on hand if you want to smoke doob. Joints can be wonderful for discretely consuming some weed on the road.

Rolling papers are simple and take up little room in any kind of stash bag. They normally come in little packs, making it simple to cram a couple into the bottom of your cannabis container and have them ready to roll effortlessly whenever the mood strikes. Rolling papers are probably the smoking accessory that may be found in most stash bags, just because they’re so portable and you never know.

It is worth your time to learn how to roll a joint if you haven’t already. You never know when the opportunity will arise, so being ready to roll one up fast will save you from finding yourself in an uncomfortable scenario when your only available smoking option is what’s in your luggage.


Depending on how much marijuana you like to smoke, it can be worth it to have a quality piece of glass on hand for those occasions when the opportunity arises and nothing else is instantly available but what’s in your backpack. Bong Most bongs tend to be a little large for a stash bag.

If you’re interested in this, be sure to purchase a stylish travel case. Anything is preferable to nothing, even if it is simply a cushioned bag with space for your bong and a few accessories.

Dab Rig

A dab setup is substantial and not something you would generally carry with you, even in a stash bag, like a bong is. However, it might be vital to have a portable smoking device on hand if this is your favorite way to consume marijuana concentrates.

Some dab rigs can be carried around and are simple enough to store in a stash bag. You should conduct your study and make sure the smoking accessory you select can fit inside a compact container without difficulty and won’t take up too much space.

There are several larger stash bags available that are made expressly for transporting dab rigs or bongs if having one on hand is crucial. That might be the best course of action if that’s how you roll.

Extras to Help Get the Job Done

If you want your stash bag to be a functional piece of hand luggage, you’ll also need to have a few other essential goods with you in it in addition to smoking tools. We’ll look at a few of them now:


For cannabis users who want to have some marijuana available when they need it, a grinder is another necessary. It’s simple to keep a grinder on hand because many people use it frequently throughout the day.

Tossing a small herb grinder in the bottom of your stash bag with some marijuana still inside and prepared to smoke when you need it most is ideal. These can easily fit inside even smaller bags because they are often no larger than two inches in height or wide.

An herb grinder in your stash bag might be quite useful if you prefer to grind your ingredients before smoking. The amount of room required will depend on the type of grinder you choose to bring with you—manual or electric.

Rolling Tray

Although not necessary, a rolling tray does make the task of rolling doobs a little bit simpler. To make it simple for you to gather everything you need before beginning the rolling process, some rolling trays include a space to store your marijuana.

Because of its portability and compact size, a stash bag is a good idea, but if there is space in yours, a tray can make your life much more convenient.


It’s always a good idea to keep at least one lighter on hand just in case. A great double-sided or triple-flame torch is your best chance for finishing the job swiftly because you will probably want something that can light up more than just cigarette-sized joints.

When it comes to quality and durability, lighters are a case of you get what you pay for, so make sure to pick one that will last you a while.

Smell-Proof Container

Regardless of whether your stash bag is entirely odor-proof, you must have something to mask the scent of the sticky-icky.

You should probably use an odor-proof container if you plan to bring marijuana with you. Because of this, we adore Stink Sacks. These bags eliminate the need for large containers by holding one or two different types of cannabis. Your mother didn’t use these bags; instead, she used the tiny plastic baggies to store food in the freezer. They are available in various sizes, colors, and designs. Additionally, the bags are odor-proof, so when you take them outside, the fragrance of marijuana stays within.

After-Smoke Session Marijuana Accessories

You might want to keep a few things in your backpack to make life a bit easier after eating.

Doob Tube

They resemble the small plastic tubes from a kid’s chemistry set and are perfect for holding a pre-roll or a joint that hasn’t been fully smoked. These attachments, which are more often known as “tubes” but are also referred to as “doob tubes,” are ideal for storing items that you don’t want to smell up the entire space. They come in various sizes and can accommodate papers if you want to carry pre-rolled joints with you at all times.


Leave Cottonmouth alone! or almost. If you haven’t tried using chapstick to prevent cottonmouth, you should think about it. Some marijuana smokers claim that using chapstick will prevent their lips from becoming dry and chapped after smoking, which would otherwise occur because THC causes your mouth to become dehydrated.

Bottle of Water

Water is, of course, another cottonmouth deterrent. In addition to helping you avoid cottonmouth, keeping a bottle of water nearby can keep you hydrated if/when smoking gets more intense than you anticipated.


Eat some snacks to stave off the munchies! The choice between resisting your cravings and giving in to them may depend on whether you have access to a bag of nuts, some granola bars, or other tiny products.

When there aren’t many health dangers associated with marijuana use per se, eating junk food all the time while high can have a detrimental impact on your health.

Merch From Your Favorite Smoke Shop

You never know when you’ll need to advertise Helping Hands Dispensary, your favorite smoke business. While storing a t-shirt in your closet is perhaps a bit excessive, it wouldn’t hurt to have some stickers to offer to friends who are visiting from out of town or who are just plain confused. Maintaining your loyalty card in your luggage is preferable.