About the Author

Rachel Fletcher is a key member of our team at Helping Hands Cannabis, known for her friendly approach and deep knowledge about cannabis. She’s like a guide who helps everyone understand this amazing plant and its benefits in a simple and clear way.

Rachel’s Journey

Originally from South Shore Massachusetts, Rachel Fletcher is a cannabis industry professional with a focus on communications and marketing. Her passion for the industry began when she started growing and extracting cannabis at home for medicinal purposes. She graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a BS in Public Relations and a minor in Technology Media in 2019. 

While living in Boulder, Colorado Rachel began her journey in the legal cannabis industry through budtending at The Bud Depot in Lyons, Colorado. Through that opportunity, she developed an expertise of product knowledge that was utilized to guide consumers in finding the right cannabis option for them. After excelling as a budtender, Rachel was promoted to Digital Marketing Manager of both The Bud Depot and its sister store Helping Hands located in Boulder which she still currently holds. 

Under this position, she curates content for social media channels, harnesses advertisement opportunities, and creates strategic communications plans alongside the management team. Rachel Fletcher is a passionate cannabis advocate who works to educate the public on the scientific benefits of cannabis and combat misinformation regarding the plant. Rachel is a regular blogger and subject-matter expert on cannabis-related products.