Where In Boulder Can I Find RSO Tincture?

Since it was made illegal and had a strong stigma in the 1960s, the cannabis sector has experienced enormous growth. Farmers and producers have advanced significantly in the industry as a result of its tolerance and rising acceptance. Dispensaries offer a wide range of options, simplifying consumption and enabling patients to fully customize their experiences.

A method of consuming cannabis that is becoming more popular and in demand is cannabis tinctures. Marijuana users favor it because of its strong strength and elasticity. RSO is a more recent kind of cannabis oil. The definition of RSO and how it varies from other oils are topics of much interest. We’ll look into the response to the query in this blog.

RSO Tincture: What is it?

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), commonly referred to as high THC oil, has a wide range of uses and applications. It has a texture that is comparable to tar and is a thick, black oil. The color of the oil can vary slightly because it is created from a variety of cannabis strains. For simpler administration, storage, and consumption, RSO is frequently packed in syringes.


Who is Rick Simpson?

Understanding what RSO oil is also requires understanding how it came to be. Rick Simpson, a Canadian advocate for medical marijuana, created the oil. Rick Simpson received a basal cell carcinoma diagnosis at the start of the new millennium. He had used cannabis as a natural treatment for his cancer and various health conditions throughout his life.

Skin Cancer Detection

As soon as Mr. Simpson received his cancer diagnosis, he started creating his own oils to treat his symptoms and the phase of trial-and-error started. On his skin, he would wrap malignant growths after applying ointment on them. After just a few days, he was astounded by the outcomes. Then, in an effort to help those who experienced similar sensations, he set out to make RSO well-known. In fact, he gave away copies of RSO in his own Canada, referring to them as “Phoenix tears.” Simpson’s mistakes led to new marijuana strain options for those looking for them.

RSO is a whole-plant extract that includes all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found in the cannabis plant. An RSO is produced using a solvent, most frequently grain alcohol, but it is also possible to utilize ethanol, CO2, or butane.

During this process, cannabis buds are placed in a big container with alcohol. Cannabis and alcohol are mixed and crushed for several minutes to achieve complete blending. After that, it is transferred to another container, where the remaining solvent is gradually boiled out. This results in the formation of a THC-rich, dark oil that resembles tar.

It’s important to keep in mind that RSO oil’s strength changes depending on the strain used to make it.

What is RSO Used For?

The majority of RSOs are administered topically, taken orally, or sublingually (put beneath the tongue). It’s important to gradually introduce RSO use, and there will frequently be dosage recommendations for utilizing this potent oil. The first piece of advise is to take a little amount. This enables you to keep track of how you’re feeling and adjust the dosage as necessary to find the results that are most in line with your medical needs.

RSO can also be used in the kitchen. RSO may have a disagreeable flavor because it doesn’t eliminate any of the elements of the cannabis plant, therefore you should try to make up for it by using other flavorful infusions.

Where in Boulder Can You Find RSO?

RSO is now available at several dispensaries in the Boulder region, though not all of them. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in selecting the ideal RSO from among the many options we have available at Helping Hands Boulder Dispensary.

To provide you with the best goods possible, Helping Hands Dispensary only works with the most skilled and knowledgeable extract artists. Visit us right now and inquire about our RSO tincture! We are happy to address any queries you may have.