5 Ways to Make Your Joint Burn Last Longer

The skill required to roll a perfect joint is a kind of artistic expression. Despite appearances, smoking is not a harmless hobby, as any seasoned smoker will tell you. The way a pre-rolled joint burn is just as important as how it looks.

For the best possible results when using joints, a slow, steady burn is required. For one thing, it helps you get more out of your session by elongating it. Furthermore, no cannabis is lost in the process. In this piece, we’ll discuss ways to delay the burn of joints and minimize ash ashtrays.

1. Get Some Quality Flower

You can’t roll a good joint if the flower isn’t up to par. To the extent that you can light flowers that aren’t properly cured, they’ll burn too slowly. Conversely, if the buds are too dry, they will catch fire immediately. Buds should be purchased from a reputable dispensary, dried and cured, and then stored in an airtight container out of direct sunlight and heat.


2. Utilize a Grinder

While some prefer to use a machine, some people still break their blooms apart by hand. In a bind, this approach would work, but the resulting pieces would be uneven and hard to light, leading to a potentially uncomfortable burn. As a result, a lot of unused marijuana is produced.

Invest in a high-quality grinder to get a more even, gradual burn. You should choose one that can properly and uniformly ground your preferred flowers. The pieces can’t be too fine, but they should be little. If you don’t leave some room for air, you’ll have a difficult time lighting the joint.

3. Choosing the Appropriate Paper

There is a wide range of sizes and materials available for use in making rolling papers. When it comes to burning speed, a general rule of thumb is that thicker paper is better. Try to find a sleek and trim option. Hemp paper provides a smooth, even burn that can assist to extend the life of your joint, but ultimately the choice comes down to personal preference.


4. Add Some Cannabis Concentrate

Add some cannabis concentrate to your joint if you prefer it extra strong. The term “twaxing” refers to the practice of either dropping or twisting concentrate into or onto a rolled joint. This not only reduces the rate of burning but also provides an additional dose of cannabinoids.

5. Roll That Joint Tight

The rate at which your joint burns depends on how tightly it is packed. Maintaining a steady flow of air is essential. Inefficiently packed joints lead to wasted cannabis because of rapid combustion. An ideal joint will be packed tightly, but not so tightly that air can’t get through it. Sometimes you just have to try different things until you find the right balance.

Take your time loading your joint for the best results. To make a cone or log out of your ground cannabis, rub the two sides of your paper together. Then, tuck in the ends and roll it up.

A little honey on the end of your joint before you light it can help mitigate the burn.

Your Perfectly-Rolled, Slow-Burning Joints from Helping Hands

You get the most pleasure out of a joint when the burn is slow and even. You get more time in the chair, so you may relax and take it easy. Not only is there no risk of cannabis going to waste, but there is also no risk of any kind. You’ll have a much nicer time as a result.

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