Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates and Their Uses

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, so does its range of products. New and innovative ways to consume this highly popular plant are frequently becoming available for consumers. Of these many options, one increasingly popular form is cannabis concentrates: a product made from extracts taken from the actual flowers or buds of the plant.

Cannabis Concentrates: What Are They?

Cannabis concentrates are created by distilling the plant to remove all but the most desirable components. The outcome is a product that is stronger than raw flower but still has all of cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids.

How Are Concentrates Consumed?

Traditionally, users have heated a nail or other small surface with a torch to evaporate concentrates using a glass dab setup. They then apply the concentrate to the surface and breathe in the vapor that is produced.

Electronic vaporizers and e-nails, which are becoming more and more common, are preferred by less conventional users.

What Kinds of Cannabis Concentrates Are There?

There are many different concentrations available because consumers are always coming up with new ways to get what they want from the cannabis plant. And they carry it out with or without the aid of other substances like butane and CO2.

Here are a few of the most well-liked concentrate varieties:

Live Resin

Freshly harvested cannabis is frozen to a subcritical temperature at various points during the extraction process to create live resin. It often has a dark yellow tint and is simple to work with.

Manufacturers can avoid drying and curing, which can alter the terpene profile and flavor of the cannabis, by freezing the buds instead.


Butane hash oil is used in the extraction process to produce wax (BHO). Its texture is waxy as opposed to certain concentrations’ oiliness. But it’s also sticky, which can make handling it challenging without the proper dabbing equipment.

Wax frequently has a high THC content, which results in a strong, lingering high.


Dry cannabis buds, trim, kief, or hash are subjected to pressure and heat to extract the concentration known as rosin. As a result, it is produced without the need for solvents like butane. Depending on what section of the plant it is derived from, rosin’s appearance can change.

If you’re looking for a concentrate that is purer, more natural, and full of flavor and power, rosin is a great option.


One of the most popular concentrates is budder, which is extracted using BHO just like wax. It is opaque in appearance, light amber in color, and butter-like in texture in terms of softness and little oiliness.

Budder has a high terpene profile and is simple to maneuver into a rig or a vaporizer due to its texture.


There are some significant distinctions between the extraction of sauce and other solvent-based extracts, although the methods are comparable. This is so that the cannabinoids can crystallize and separate from the terpenes during sauce preparation. Its hue and texture can change.

You may taste a distinct flavor each time you smoke because terpenes and cannabinoids are present in variable concentrations throughout the same batch of sauce.


Trichomes, the little hairs that cover the cannabis flower’s surface, are used to make hash. It can be removed either by carefully shaking or chilling the blossom to cause the trichomes to break off. The “kief,” or what’s left over, is then rolled and heated to form a hash. Hash is oozy and bright brown.

Due to its tremendous potency and natural production processes, you might choose hash.

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